About the Collaborative

The Crochet Collaborative was established in July 2006 to promote an interest and skill in and appreciation for crochet while serving the community. We've grown into a diverse group of crocheters who have banded together to work collaboratively to learn new techniques and solve age-old thorny crochet problems (skipped or tight stitches, ever-widening rows, flubbed patterns, you name it). The only requirement to becoming a member is a willingness to learn. We will teach you the basics -- in return you agree to make something for charity.

We've collaborated on several charity projects, including crocheting baby blankets for Project Linus, and small hats for Caps for the Capitol. We've also donated blankets to a local infants home. While we all have our ongoing personal projects to bring to meetings, we're always open to new special project suggestions.

So, who are we? We are more than co-workers, more than colleagues. We are a community of friends who share a passion for crochet. The Collaborative is totally unstructured, totally free, totally fun. If you crochet, are experienced or just learning, grab some yarn and join us. The Collaborative meets every other Tuesday for lunch to sit and chat while we work on favorite projects and share our passion for the art of crochet. Most members work in the Federal Triangle, Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Things with the collaborative are slow right now. Most are busy with their work days and have not had time to meet to crochet BUT we will catch up one of these days. Now that April is here, the tug of warmer weather and the desire to reconnect with old friends will move us to try new yarns and to once again 'collaborate' on new projects. Blocks for charity 'Warm Up America' will be replaced with lighter weight items such as shawls and throws for nursing homes residents. Here's a picture of a shawl that I sent to my aunt who just moved into an assisted living facility and found it to be a bit drafty. I'm sure her neighbors will appreciate a similar shawl. We don't have to wait to be invited to give the gift of crochet.

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